If you are considering a leased car, you may want to think about what kind of extras to include in your vehicle. Remember that when you lease a vehicle rather than purchase one, you are going to have fewer options than when you buy a car. You may also not have much of an idea as to what options are included. When it comes to car gadgets and options on a leased car, you should look into what will make your life more convenient and check some reviews to see how well they work for other drivers.

Cool Car Tech Gadgets for your Leased Vehicle


Some lease cars have more car options than others. Ask the leasing representative what options you have, then consider adding the following gadgets yourself to improve your leased car. The following gadgets are all cool, new tech items that might be worth a second look when looking for car gadgets to add to your lease car.


Automatic GPS/MPG tracker

Automatic AUT-350C Pro Gold 3G Connected Car Adapter

Automatic GPS and MPG trackers are a great way to monitor your car’s miles per gallon, as well as to use as a GPS gadget. The Automatic AUT-350C Pro Gold 3G Connected Car Adapter helps you to keep track of your car’s location, and it offers crash detection and emergency response as well. It’s a great way to connect your vehicle and plug it into your digital lifestyle while on the go. It’s available at Amazon for $109.95.


Crash-Tested Harness for Your Pup

crash-tested harness that will ensure that your dog is safe

When you get set to go on your next trip in your lease car, think about the safety of your pets, too! Your fur babies deserve to be cozy and safe with a crash-tested harness that will ensure that your dog is safe if you have a collision. Allowing your pet to roam free in your vehicle while driving is dangerous for you as well as your pet. The Sleepypod Clickit crash-tested harness is the ideal gadget to add to your leased vehicle when taking your pets on a trip. It sells for around $79.99 retail.


Mediabridge Smartphone Cradle


nifty cup holder car mount for your phone

The Mediabridge Smartphone Cradle is a nifty cup holder car mount for your phone that lets you organize your phone and keep it handy at the same time. It has a convenient cylindrical-shaped insert that allows you to place it quickly and easily within your cup holder for easy access. Your phone can then we used for navigation, answering calls, and other actions without blocking your line of vision.

This is an excellent alternative for the traditional windshield or dash mount that interferes with your line of vision. It’s built very sturdily, so you don’t have to worry about it flying off of your cup holder when you are trying to use it. It goes for $26.99 on retail and most other sales outlets. It has a 4.5 out of 5.0 stars review on Amazon.

Car Dashcams

If you want something to protect your car as well as your driving record, consider getting a car dashcam. You can use them to record any event while you are driving for editing later such as nature footage, traffic views, and other situations. They are great for road trips and vacations where you will be looking at a lot of beautiful scenery on the road.

These dash cams are not only a great tool to record your family vacation, but they also come in handy to help you document an accident if you get into a fender bender. The video is entirely admissible in an accident, provided it was taken within the requirements of the law. The Z-Edge dashcam shots at the rate of 30 frames per second, and it can be made to come on automatically once you start your engine. You can buy the Z-Edge dashcam for $105.99 on Amazon.


Bluetooth Car Kit


use Bluetooth while driving to listen to music

If you talk on your phone often or use Bluetooth while driving to listen to music, you may want to invest in a Bluetooth Car Kit. There are several different types of Bluetooth car kits available on the market nowadays. The key is to find one that does what you need it to do, and that is compatible with your car. If your leased vehicle is Bluetooth capable, you should have no trouble finding a unit that will expand the capabilities of your in-dash car stereo system with Bluetooth technology.


Portable Jumper Cable Unit

Suaoki Portable Jump Starter Kit

If you want to add a little extra security to your leased car, consider getting a jump starter kit for your leased vehicle. One type of portable unit is the Suaoki Portable Jump Starter Kit. It serves as a battery source as well as an emergency jumper cable, so you won’t have to depend on the kindness of strangers to get going again!

Finding yourself stranded on the side of the road in a strange area is a scary experience. You don’t want to have to take the risk that you will come across some well-meaning person who is willing to help without taking advantage of you. The chances of you encountering someone with ill intentions is at least 50% on a given day, especially if you are on the open bypass with hundreds of cars going by per minute.

With a jump starter kit, you won’t have to risk this, and you can keep it in your car to use anytime you need to start your car or a backup power source. The Suaoki portable jump starter kit comes with a flashlight, which comes in handy, as well. It sells for $79.99.


USB Maxboost Charger

maxboost car charger USBThe Maxboost charger with USB is an excellent piece of technology that is simple but necessary. This unit has a dual port that allows you to input more than one gadget at once so you could charge your cell phone and a table at the same time or run another unit off of this handy charger unit.

The Maxboost USB charger is available for only $9.99.


Other Car Options for your Leased Vehicle


The type of car options that you get for your leased vehicle will depend upon your preferences and individual needs. If you have a pet, you’ll want to look into the pet harness gadget. If you talk on your phone a lot while you are driving, you will want to invest in the car phone mount.

If you are a videographer or just want to have a legal tool if you have an accident that will aid your case in court or with an insurance agent, get the onboard dash cam. These are all great tools that you can add to your leased vehicle to broaden the reach that you have while traveling.

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Options on a Leased Car


Some of the options that are often offered on a leased car include:

If you look through this list of options on a leased car, you will see that the options that are traditionally offered are not much different than those provided with a car that you purchase the traditional way. However, there is usually a limit to how many options they allow on leased vehicles.

The reason for this is that, if you turn your car in before the end of the lease or fail to purchase it, the leasing company will have to find another customer to take on the contract for the remaining time. The second customer may not have the same needs for options that the previous driver did. So lease companies tend to play it loose to allow for the client to add options if they choose, provided that they do not do any damage to the vehicle before turning the car in.


More About the Leasing Arrangement


Like a leased computer or any other item that you may lease, a leased vehicle is not a vehicle that you will have with you for a very long time. The whole idea of leasing a car rather than buying one is the fact that you only pay for a portion of what you would pay if you were purchasing it.

Here are some additional advantages of leasing a vehicle.

Make your life easier with cool tech


The best thing about adding tech gadgets to your leased vehicle is that they can improve your life by saving you time and make life more convenient. Think about your lifestyle and how often you drive. What do you need the most to make sure that your vehicle gives you the best driving experience possible, especially if you are on the road quite frequently?

Think about what you like to do while driving and consider safety among your top priorities when choosing car gadgets for your leased vehicle. Technology makes our lives easier, so why not take some of that convenience with you when you drive?


Conclusion: Why add options to a leased car?


Some people may wonder why they should consider adding options to a leased car. For one thing, it makes it seem more like it is your vehicle. Leasing is not buying. You are not purchasing your vehicle. But, with a few add-ons, it can feel that way!
There are thousands of cool tech gadgets that you can purchase for your leased vehicle. You may not need them all, but it’s fun to see what is out there and then decide which ones would make your life better to use with your leased vehicle.

Remember that you have a responsibility to keep your leased vehicle in the best condition possible since you are not purchasing the car in its entirety and it will likely be passed onto someone else after your lease is up.

Taking care of your leased vehicle and keeping it clean will ensure that you return the leased car in the same condition that you received it in. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with sprucing up the capabilities of your leased vehicle by adding some cutting edge technology that will make your experience with your rented car more enjoyable and convenient.

Have you come across some other great options for your rented car? Let us know what they are, and we might consider sharing this in a future post when we address this topic in the future. The world of technology is never ending, so we’re sure that, in the time it has taken us to write this post, another high-tech gadget was invented!

The only thing that is constant in technology is change!

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