Are you a first-time buyer looking for that perfect car? AutoLux can help you find the right car for your needs and your budget. We will do everything that we can to keep the process as streamlined and stress-free as possible. Whether you want to buy or lease your first vehicle, we offer a wide selection of domestic and imported vehicles from sports cars to more family-friendly SUVs.

Do you meet these qualifications?

Our First Time Car Buyer/Lessee Program can help you breeze through the paperwork and financing as we strive to keep the process as stress-free as possible. Take a look at the qualifications for approval and admission to our First Time Car Buyer/Lessee Program. If you meet these simple qualifications, contact us today and we can get to work on putting you in your first car!

1. We will require your employment information

2. You must have a monthly income of at least $1,800

3. Please provide proof of income (2 most recent pay stubs or bank statements, or an offer letter if you are just starting your job)

4. A valid driver’s license is required for this program

5. The program does not require a co-signer

If you are able to meet these qualifications, please come in and apply. Once we have approved your application we will help you find your first car. Our inventory includes a wide range of top vehicle models and there is sure to be one that is right for you. The first step is financing approval and if you meet the qualifications above it’s time to come in and apply.

Lease or buy?

Whether you are interested in leasing or buying your car, we are here to help you by providing a full service approach to car sales and leasing. Your first decision is whether or not you want to buy or lease your first vehicle. This decision can depend on many factors, such as the amount of money that you have available for a down payment, your budget for monthly payments, and the number of miles that you are likely to put on the car. Leasing is a great option if you want more car for your money but want to keep costs low. However, if you drive a lot, leasing is probably not the right answer for your situation.

Leasing programs offer several mileage options to choose from 7,500, 10,000, 12,000, 15,000, 18,000, and 20,000 mile allotment per year. Your lease term can be from 2 years up to 5 years, depending on the make and model that you choose. Most leases are for brand new cars. Full warranties for the entire lease term and free roadside service 24/7 in any state and city are also available.

Purchasing a car outright can cost more than leasing when you consider both up-front and maintenance costs, and many people who are on a budget opt to lease their first vehicle for this reason. Making the right decision when it comes to lease or buy, can have a big impact and it is worthwhile to take your time.

Leasing is typically the right option as you get more car for your money and your monthly expenses are usually lower. Another benefit of car leasing is that when your lease period is up, you can upgrade to an even better car! There is also a lot less upkeep and maintenance that you have to personally keep up with when you have a lease. Again, if you drive a lot, you may not find a lease to be your best option as allowable annual mileage amounts are limited.

Owning your car is a great option if you have to drive a lot for work or your family goes on a lot of road trips. When you come in to fill out your application we can review your transportation and vehicular needs and help you decide which option is the right choice for your situation. Remember, whether you choose to buy or lease, we have the right car for you at the right price!

Let’s find you a car!

Are you interested in a foreign or domestic car? Perhaps an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes? Or maybe you are looking for a crossover like the Kia Sportage that will get the kids to soccer practice but you can still have some fun behind the wheel! Whatever vehicle you have your eye on, we can help you find it. Our team is here to help make the process of finding your first car as easy as possible. Let us know what you are looking for, and chances are we have it. Contact us today to learn more about our First Time Buyer’s Program and then come and take a look at our wide selection of quality cars and trucks.

If you are in the greater Los Angeles area and are interested in getting your first car, AutoLux is here to help! We specialize in car sales and leases and have a car for nearly every taste and budget. Call or stop by today to learn how simple it can be to drive off in your first car!

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