Are you tired of reading about all the advantages of leasing a car over buying one and feel ready to sign a lease today? Before signing on that dotted line, you need to make sure that you know what kind of vehicles you can actually lease for around $300 a month.

Affordable Lease Contracts for 2017

Buying a brand new car isn’t always a great idea, even if you can afford to buy that car outright or you can secure financing for that vehicle. Leasing gives you the freedom to turn that car back over at the end of your contract, sign a new lease and drive off in a new car without getting a new loan.

Don’t assume that you need to pay $400 to $500 a month for a lease. You can get a great car at a lower rate and walk out with a much smaller monthly payment. The top leases for around $300 a month let you drive a great vehicle and save money.

Infiniti Q50

infiniti Q50Do you dream of driving down the street in a luxury automobile that turns heads? With the Infiniti Q50, you will easily become one of the most popular people on the road. With an MSRP of nearly $40,000 for the base model though, you might think that the Q50 is well outside of your price range. Leasing this car can help you save. Lease specials let you drive off in this model with a monthly payment of just $289 per month.

The Q50 is a sleek model from Infiniti that has plenty of seating inside. You can fit two people in the front and up to three people in the backseat. It comes with all the safety features that you expect from the luxury automobile manufacturer too, including anti-lock brakes and airbags.

Though you can lease the base model, you can walk out of some shops with the Signature Edition version, which is a limited edition model, and pay less in monthly fees. You do need to put down a deposit on the vehicle at the time that you sign the contract, which is close to $4,000. The contact that you sign lets you turn the Q50 over after 39 months. This contract also states that you can only put 10,000 miles on the engine during your lease.

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Chevrolet Colorado

2017 Chevrolet ColoradoWhile luxury cars are great for those who want to turn heads, some drivers find that nothing beats a solid pick up truck. Instead of looking at smaller trucks that might not handle your daily driving needs, you can lease a Chevrolet Colorado for an affordable price. This pick up truck is available now with a lease rate of only $269 a month.

The Colorado is easily one of the best pick up trucks available for sale or lease today. You can pick different models based on your needs to get a more powerful engine, more comfortable seating or a longer bed. U.S. News & World Report named the Colorado the Best Compact Truck for the Money.

Whether you want a truck for work or pleasure, you’ll love almost everything about the Colorado. It features good handling that helps you drive the truck across a construction site or through a crowded city without the truck shaking. The smooth ride that it provides will make you and your passengers feel more comfortable.

Another benefit of the Colorado is that it lets you focus on the road or on your passengers because the cab’s interior is so quiet that you’ll never hear anything outside. You can use the Colorado to tow a truck or another vehicle with ease too.

When you lease the Colorado, you only need to pay down $619 when you sign. This is a standard lease that lasts for 39 months, but you can put up to 32,500 miles on the engine before the end of your lease.

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Kia Sorento

2017 kia sorentoDo you love driving larger vehicles but worry that a pick up truck won’t have enough interior space? With the Kia Sorento, you’ll have all the space that you need. This SUV is suitable for anyone who needs to drive passengers around town, parents who lug their kids and their equipment to games and even those who drive for work.

Called one of the top midsize SUVs on the market, the Sorento gets good gas mileage is actually more efficient than other SUVs on the road. A cargo hold on the back is the perfect size for storage luggage while on vacation and other supplies and equipment when riding around town. It comes loaded with safety features to make driving more safer too. This Kia model has a higher safety rating than most other SUVs.

One feature you’ll really love about the Sorento is its infotainment system. This system helps you send messages and answer phone calls without taking your eyes off the road because it connects right to your cell phone. You can use this system for listening to music and doing other things on your phone because it is compatible with both Android and Apple phones. This system even lets you search for driving directions, make a restaurant reservation or read reviews of a local business.

Unlike other manufacturers that still offer lease specials on 2017 models, Kia lets you lease a 2018 Sorento for a low price. Once you put down $2,799 and sign your contract, you can drive off in a Sorento and keep it for three months before the lease expires.

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Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370ZThough you can lease a car or SUV with plenty of room for your family, you can also lease a car just for you like the Nissan 370Z. This amazing little car combines everything you love about a sports car with the quality that you expect from Nissan. Lease contracts are currently available for $299 a month, which does not include taxes on the lease.

The 370Z is the type of car that will turn heads and make people think that you have money to spend. It comes in multiple colors and features splash guards that keep water and mud from splashing onto the car to cut down on the time you spend at the car wash. As the 370Z comes with a manual transmission, you’ll either need to know how to drive that type of car or contact a dealer about leasing one with an automatic transmission.

Sleek and sporty are two of the words you might use to describe the look of this car, but powerful is the word that comes to mind once you get it out on the open road. With a 332-horsepower engine, this car comes up to speed quickly and can hit a top speed faster than you might believe. Its sleek design lets it handle like a dream too. You’ll want to keep one eye on the speedometer when driving on the open highway in this Nissan.

Nissan requires that you put down $2,999 when you sign your lease contract, which lasts for a full 39 months. The auto giant knows that you’ll want to drive more in this car than others and lets you put up to 12,000 miles on the engine over the course of your lease before you face any extra fees.

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Subaru Outback

Subaru Outback 2017Subaru enthusiasts love this brand so much that they tend to drive the company’s models for years. This makes it hard to find a late model or even a slightly newer model for sale. You can now lease a brand new Outback for around $249 per month. This lets you upgrade to a newer model in the future without paying off a car loan.

Though the base Outback model costs less than $26,000, fully loaded models cost more than $38,000. The Outback is a type of wagon that is suitable for anyone who spends time on dusty country roads or paved city streets. You can pick from multiple package types when leasing one of these wagons like the touring package. All models get up to 20 to 25 mpg in the city and 27 to 32 mpg on the highway.

Subaru is one of the most reliable car brands in the world today. It gets high marks for its safety features, which all come standard on the Outback. Those features include airbags on the front to protect the driver and passengers, side head airbags, child safety locks, traction control to keep you from sliding across a slick road and headlights that automatically come on when the car starts. The Outback comes with a warning that alerts you when you depart from your lane and a monitor that helps you see things in your blind spot.

To lease the Outback for less, you normally need to put down $1,749 and sign a contract that lasts for a standard three years. The Outback is one of the most popular wagons on the road today, and you can now lease one for a great price.

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No matter what type of vehicle you want to want to drive, you can choose a lease package today. Leasing costs less than buying and doesn’t charge you penalties if you want to upgrade to a better ride in the future. Check with your local dealers to find out more about leasing one of these top cars, which cost right around $300 a month or less.