Sacramento & Los Angeles Hassle-Free Car Buying & Leasing. All Makes, Models & Budgets.

Sacramento & Los Angeles Hassle-Free Car Buying & Leasing. All Makes, Models & Budgets.

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Leveraging our extensive knowledge and collective buying power, we negotiate the best deals on your behalf, saving you money compared to going it alone.

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With decades of experience, we navigate the complexities of the car buying process, saving you valuable time and resources. From credit applications to lease agreements, we handle all the paperwork, letting you focus on the excitement of finding your perfect car.

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We believe in cultivating long-term relationships with our clients. Our dedication shows in our commitment tounderstanding your needs and finding the car that truly fits your lifestyle and budget.

Los Angeles County Auto Broker: Buy or Lease Your Dream Car or Commercial Vehicle.

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Sacramento & Los Angeles Auto Broker: Buy or Lease Your Dream Car or Commercial Vehicle

Services We Offer:

  • New and used car buying
  • Car leasing (including commercial vehicles)
  • Financing options
  • Lease Return
  • Negotiate the best deals on your behalf, saving you money.
  • Save you time and hassle by handling the paperwork and navigating the process.
  • Find the perfect car that fits your needs and budget.

Skip the Dealership & Get a Great Deal

  I want to thank autolux team for helping me with my 2nd lease car. I'm very happy and excited my new Mercedes and with customer services and professional friendly staff again. Best wishes

thumb Mariya B.

  More than excited about my new car purchase and can't wait to drive it all around the city of LA and a beautiful state of California.
After dealing with several dealerships and car brokers without being able to get to a desirable price level I ended up finding Zorik and his stellar team.
Believe my experience as I had a chance to compare - these guys have the best prices and deals possible. Moreover their experience is so vast they can work on different options with you and help you make the right choice that is definitely going to benefit your budget and preferences.
I almost lost my hope to find the car with the features I wanted for a reasonable price. But thanks to Edward and his amazing brokerage experience I ended up even with a better option.
They were also nice enough to keep my previous car at their parking lot over the weekend before I came back on Monday to turn it in to a dealership. On top of that they put their best effort and kindly attached a number plate to my front bumper using their own instruments saving me a trip to a dealership where it should have been done from the get go.
I've had above and beyond amazing experience with these guys. Needless to say I'm going to recommend them to everyone I know and definitely will be back for my next purchase.

thumb Julia K.

  If you're looking to lease a new car, I highly recommend you get it from here. Just got myself a 2019 Camry SE with the Midnight Black package with the help of Tom. He helped me with everything and I didn't even leave the house, just went there to pick it up. It was that Convenient. Hands down the best Sales and Leasing providers in all of Los Angeles.

thumb Gevorg M.

  I'm just surprised with the service and quality work. I came today around 1pm and I got my car delivered at 3pm, plus I was able to insure my car at the same place, it's just a dream one stop place for all you automobile needs! Simply BIG thank you to all AutoLux team!! Very glad happy with my brand new car!!!

thumb David G.